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Donate to Empower Sports in Auroville

Thank you for considering a donation to support the Auroville Sports Resource Center. Your generosity will help us continue our mission of promoting sports, nurturing athletes, and fostering a vibrant sports community in Auroville.

By making a contribution, you become an integral part of our efforts to provide state-of-the-art facilities, training programs, and resources to athletes of all ages and abilities. Your donation directly impacts the following areas:


Building Safer Basketball Court Flooring: One of our primary goals is to upgrade the basketball court flooring. Currently, the court has a concrete surface that poses a risk of injuries to players. With your support, we aim to install a specialized, shock-absorbing sports flooring that reduces the impact on players' joints and minimizes the risk of injuries.


Training and Development: Your support enables us to offer comprehensive training programs that focus on technical skills, physical fitness, and mental resilience. We aim to empower athletes to reach their full potential and excel in their chosen sports.


Infrastructure and Equipment: Donations contribute to the maintenance and development of sports facilities, ensuring that athletes have access to well-equipped courts, fields, and training spaces. Upgraded equipment and resources enhance the training experience and enable athletes to perform at their best.


Community Engagement: We strive to create a sense of community and inclusivity through sports. Your donation helps us organize sports events, tournaments, and outreach programs that bring people together, foster sportsmanship, and strengthen the bonds within the Auroville community.


Sports Scholarships: We believe that every aspiring athlete should have the opportunity to pursue their sporting dreams. With your support, we can provide scholarships and financial assistance to talented individuals who may face financial barriers to their athletic journey.


How to Donate:


We appreciate any contribution, big or small, as it makes a significant impact on our programs and initiatives. Donating is easy and secure:


Online Donation: Visit our website at [] and navigate to the donation page. You can securely donate using your credit card, debit card, or through a trusted payment platform.


Bank Transfer: If you prefer to make a direct bank transfer, please contact our team at [0413 262 2696]. We will provide you with the necessary information to complete the donation.


In-Person Donations: Visit the Auroville Sports Resource Center during our operating hours and make your donation in person. Our staff will assist you and provide a receipt for your contribution.

Every donation is greatly appreciated, and we ensure that every penny goes towards supporting athletes, enhancing sports facilities, and promoting a culture of sports in Auroville.


Join us in our mission to empower athletes, inspire sportsmanship, and build a thriving sports community in Auroville. Your support is instrumental in creating a brighter future for sports in our community.


Thank you for considering a donation. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of athletes and the wider Auroville community. For any queries or further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at +0413 262 2696 OR write to


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